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So hi I wrote this year ago and Taylor I really want you to read this please



I was 7 when they had the first taste of alcohol on theirs lips
They liked the way it tasted, made them forget things about themselves 
They started throwing parties at my fathers house 
knowing my mother won’t want to deal with it 
knowing my mother had parents who had liked to drink
They liked it so much they stopped being parents for a while 

I was 10 when they had injected herion into their veins 
They do anything to get it, even steal from their own sister, own family 
If they can just get one ounce of it into their body 
it felt like candy, it felt like they could finally forget about their non-perfect life
bad grades, parents divorce, and so much more 
They had pot, they smoked, and chewed, But they never had anything as good as herion 

I was 11 when one them went to their first rehab
Just in the sixth grade 
The other one thought he was strong enough to quit on his own (he wasn’t)
The one who went to rehab, left for one month, I missed a week of school to visit him

I was 13 when I became angry 
Angry that they did this, angry at the world was against me and I didn’t even know what I did

I was 14 when I stopped caring
Stopped caring what they did 
Yes they stop doing drugs, but they still drank 
Because they needed something to help them forget 

I was 15 when I walked away 
I’ve been through a lot as you can see 
Some things I saw and some things I didn’t 
But i learn from this girl that when people don’t treat you right you have every right to walk away 
The girl was there for me for 5 years of it. When I was scared or upset she was there 

This morning I walked away 
I was scared and started to hyperventilate 
I put on Safe and Sound and Cold as You 
And I know this may sound cheesey 
But when Taylor said she’ll be there to hold my hand when I’m going through something 
When I put on those songs, and I felt like she was there, hugging me, telling me its going to be okay 

So here I am listening to the words of Taylor Swift
I’m walking away cause I’m not a mess of a dreamer 
I’m not a rainy ending and I’m never going to spend the rest of my life with someone whos cold
I couldn’t thank her enough


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when you’re in Chilli’s and they start playing Taylor Swift’s music


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He doesn’t remember, Sansa realized, startled. He is only being kind to me, he doesn’t remember me or the rose or any of it. She had been so certain that it meant something, that it meant everything. A red rose, not a white.

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all in white by the vaccanes make me cry so god man

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